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At Central, we want to share the love of Jesus with everyone that steps foot on campus and to our community around us. God uses willing-hearted team members to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people every day!

To get started, we just need a few pieces of information.
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Kids Ministry Team - Newborn - 5th Grade *

Share the love of Jesus with small children and families. There are many opportunities to the Central Kids Team – Greeter, Small Group Leader, Story Teller, Worship or Media Team just to name a few.

Student Ministry Team - 6th-12th Grade *

Inpact a students life. There are many opportunities to the Central Students Team – Small Group Leader, Worship or Media Team just to name a few.

First Impressions Team *

Be a part of a team that gives a welcome that loves like Jesus. join the First Impressions Team as a Greeter, Usher or a member of the Connection Desk or Coffee Central Team.

Music & Arts Team *

Be a part of creating the environment and experience that prepares the heart and mind to receive the Word. Join this team as a musician, vocalist, artist, or creative personality.

Media & Production Team *

Keep things running smoothly by joining the Tech & Production Team. Join the team to help with Computers, Sound, Lighting, Video Production, Photography just to name a few.

Teacher/Faciliator *

Teach or facilitate an adult class or a Life Group.

Behind the Scenes *

There are many areas to serve behind the scenes. Join the Communion Prep Team, Hospitality Team, serve as an Office Assistant or as part of Building/Grounds Maintenance Team, just to name a few.


Do you have another area or ministry you're inserted in?
Tell us; we'd love to talk to you about it.
Have you previously volunteered in a ministry with another church or organization? *

Where did you volunteer and in what position? *

Tell us about your strengths, talents and interests. *

Do you have any comments or questions about volunteering at Central?

We'll be in touch soon. :)
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